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There is no company better qualified than GIMC to help you develop a successful solution to any malpractice insurance challenge or opportunity you may face.

The company was born more than a decade ago, as a consulting firm during the international crisis in the property and casualty (P&C) industry. Some of the largest P&C companies in the world were facing unprecedented challenges. They were searching for answers and searching for solutions. By pooling the talent of seasoned industry veterans, the founding members of today's GIMC team were able to answer the call and rapidly develop a reputation among leading firms in the industry as a company that could effectively provide solutions in a wide range of areas. Leading insurance companies and reinsurers from the international community used the team to assess their options and help identify/implement effective solutions.

One client was working to develop an answer to the medical malpractice crisis in an East Coast State. Our team was called in to help refine the strategic plan, provide initial backroom support for key company functions, and establish processes/systems for ongoing use. As work progressed on this now successful company, it became apparent that the development and management of malpractice companies was an area of focus our team was well suited to pursue. GIMC was formed from the ground up for that specific purpose, with hand selected medical malpractice specialists.

GIMC completed the successful formation of 3 medical malpractice insurance companies in severely challenged states: Healthcare Underwriters Group of Florida, Healthcare Underwriters Group of Kentucky, and Healthcare Underwriters Group Mutual of Ohio. In their first 3 years alone, the GIMC team was able to complete the licensing process in all 3 states - raising $100 million dollars in premium and capital from participating physicians during the process. As these companies approach their tenth anniversary, GIMC continues to provide complete management services for these companies, including underwriting, financial, investment, claims management, HR/operations, payroll & benefits, sales, and marketing.

Over the last 30 years, the malpractice industry has seen example after sad example of what happens to malpractice companies led by inexperienced teams. This is not a line of business that can be 'learned on the job'. Only with an experienced team can you avoid the near term and long term pitfalls that have claimed so many companies in this line of business.

A range of development options:
Over the years, the GIMC team has been involved in the development of virtually every type of insurance or other risk transfer option available. We have developed a large range of capabilities. Regardless of your situation, plans, or interests you can rely on the fact that the GIMC team has 'been there before'.

As close as the phone:
GIMC's corporate headquarters may be in South Florida (with offices in Kentucky and Ohio), however, this team has the experience and capability to rapidly develop operations wherever a need arises.

If you feel you have identified an opportunity or if you are facing a challenge in the area of malpractice insurance, call GIMC to schedule an initial teleconference with senior members of the GIMC team. This initial call will help us assess your situation and consider ways GIMC may be of help. There is no cost or obligation associated with this initial conference call.

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